On the Edge

I was 15, heard U2 was coming to town, went nuts and made a 8 hour line to get tickets. Was my first conscious concert, because my parents took me to the Michael Jackson’s Dangerous tour when I was 4, i don’t remember much of it. I was a huge fan of U2 since i remember, and so was one of the best days of my life, the Vertigo Tour, just epic. If you ask me for a top 10 favorite musicians, definitely U2 is in my top 3, so the next words are not easy for me to write.
And now, almost ten years later, they came with great news, a new free song for charity, i was excited, waited to just in time click the download button on iTunes, felt right, good and helpful to finally hear that song. Finally pressed play and 3:17 minutes later, i was confused.
It’s obvious a good song, well produced, excellent executed. But it is not as powerful as you could expect after such a long absence. Maybe is the kind of song that you got to keep listening to finally fell in love with.
It’s like waking up on Christmas, run to seek for your presents and when you finally destroy the wrapping, you realize is a new sweater.