Crossover genius

Asher Roth, who started as a young white college rapper, is back, and he surprised the hell out of me, years ago, one of the firsts posts of this blog was about his ‘Pabst & Jazz’ album, an excellent crossover between rap and jazz, i know, sounds odd. If you haven’t listened to it, you should. Now 2014 is back with ‘RetroHash’, this time goes all the way down to funky road, melodic songs with a great 70’s disco flavor. It feels right to insert a rap into an Earth Wind & Fire’s song, don’t you think?

It is clear he es more than a rapper, so I think we should keep an eye  on him…


For the lonley ones…

I’m not a St. Valentines day fan, but I’m pretty sure many of you do celebrate, but to be a nice grinch for this day, here comes my soundtrack for it.
For all the ladys you´ve let go, a great song for a very talented guy, who delivers a great sound, if you like old school, he is on the way to be the headmaster.
So, remember to buy flowers and hold her hand!