Creepy Karaoke…

Wtf with this freaky karaoke lyric video, it’s way to creepy!!
But if you close you eyes, and just listen, it’s a lovely song to dedicate to a crazy ex girfriend. At least this is what i get from the lyrics, it’s late and maybe i missed al the romantic lines.
John Mayer does not get tired of delivering awsome guitar sounds, it’s incredible how he went from being the other guy like Jason Mraz in the beggining of his career, to be one of the greatest musicians of our generations.
He says he’s back, and i’m glad, and can’t wait to hear the new stuff.


Born and Raised – John Mayer

¬† Ok, first thing, I know it’s not a new album but a John Mayer album is always a thing to write about, especially this one.

Let me start saying that I think that John Mayer is one of the best musicians of our generation, and if you don’t belive me just go ahead and listen to his 2006 masterpiece, Continuum, one of my favorites albums ever, and if still you don’t think so, go and watch his live dvd from LA, I promise it will change your mind about him.b1 [Converted]

And all that groupie speech was because he dissapointed me on this one ( awww… I know, so cheesy). Let me explain, it is not a bad album at all, in fact it is a great one, excellent songs, the sound of his guitar is one of a kind. The thing is i think is a little bit of a “lazy album”, because I know he can easily blow our mind just with an improvised guitar solo. And in this one, you can tell is full of a nostalgic sound, an excellent road trip album, i can imagine driving, listening to this on a quiet and lonely road.

It’s like a blues, sometimes folk album. You can tell he is a hell of a songwriter, lyrics are kinda personal, maybe is an album for himself, but honestly i was expecting a¬†Continuum part II, maybe that was my mistake, still i think is an excellent album, and if you listen to it next to a glass full of ice and bourbon I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Song of the album, Something like Olivia, I’m sure he was thinking in Olivia Wilde, but the last name was hard to rhyme. And for the record, “Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey” is another great one.