The new generation

How many of us had seen the classic finale of the great british festivals, with McCartney singing Hey Jude along with a bunch of other legends, it’s almost a cliche. Don’t missunderstand me, it’s probably one of the greatest things to experience on a lifetime, and probably we all love that “na na, na na na na…”, it’s the legacy of the 20th century.

But this year, in the Glastonbuty’s finale, we experience the new generation of the british rock elite in a epic performance. Mumford & Sons, who were the ones that had the honour to close the festival, along with ┬áThe Vaccines, The Staves, First Aid Kit, Vampire Weekend, and also with a mention to The Arctic Monkeys. It gaves us an idea of who are the ones in charge on the scene over there.

And it had to be with the perfect song for a meeting like that, Help From my Friends, from The Beatles. I have to say this is the only song of the Beatles, that someone did a cover, and was better than the Lennon/McCartney version, and the responsable for that incredible work, was Joe Cocker, you might remember the song from the TV series “The Wonder Years”.