Crossover genius

Asher Roth, who started as a young white college rapper, is back, and he surprised the hell out of me, years ago, one of the firsts posts of this blog was about his ‘Pabst & Jazz’ album, an excellent crossover between rap and jazz, i know, sounds odd. If you haven’t listened to it, you should. Now 2014 is back with ‘RetroHash’, this time goes all the way down to funky road, melodic songs with a great 70’s disco flavor. It feels right to insert a rap into an Earth Wind & Fire’s song, don’t you think?

It is clear he es more than a rapper, so I think we should keep an eye  on him…


Graduated from college.

  Here I’m talking about Asher Roth, famous for the song “I love College”, kinda one hit wonder but let me tell you bout his second album, to me this one is a serious thing, “Pabst & Jazz” is called, two thing hardly seen together, it sounds like a rap improvAsher-Roth-Pabst-And-Jazz, but with a jazz band istead of the Dj.

  Honestly is one of the best ideas ever, i mean you can realy enjoy the jazz in the whole album, and suddenly the strenght of the rhymes and a excellent rap comes in, if you like rap is a hell of an album, if you do not like it, please give it a chance for this album.

Whoever think of Asher as a new Slim Shady, let me say this guy is at another level, not going for the same road, and i’m glad, is just one excellent album, like the 16th track: “Dope Shit”.

My favorite track is number 13: “Not meant 2 be” ft. Nathan Santos, if you liked Frank Ocean and his Channel Orange, definitley you’ll enjoy this one.