Nice try

First things first, there is a song, maybe is not the best one, but i really enjoy it, and makes me dance, is this hit from Icona Pop – I don’t care. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, it’s what i like to call “road to the party song” and totally works, the bass, the rhythm, even the attitude on the lyrics.

But the reason of this because i really don’t understand this one hit wonder thing, that when they got it, it became an abuse of this song, and start posting a thousand different versions of the song, an acoustic, a remix from every friend, cousin, even the grannie make a remix. It’s not ok, let it go, sometimes it just does not work at all, like in this one, check it out the awful downtempo version of the song.

I really love this song, so please leave it like that…


Just fine

This post has a reason, is not a new song, but for the last hour, i’ve been listening to Ed Sheraan’s “Plus” album and is just amazing, it just gets me in such a good mood, so if you don’t know him, get out of that cave and check it out.

Clash of the titans…

The first time i read about Daft Punk ft. Pharrell, I thought it was gonna be weird, but i had high expectations about it, and with this teaser the only thing they achieved, is to make me suffer, i simply can’t wait to listen the whole album.
This little piece is awsome, it reminds me to the Mos Eisley jazz band, yes that’s Star Wars, i’m talking abour, i’m a little geek.
Hope you like funky on this one, sometimes i think snoop doog is gonna be there, you never know.

Here’s the tracklist for Random Access Memories:

1) “Give Life Back to Music”
2) “The Game of Love”
3) “Giorgio by Moroder”
4) “Within”
5) “Instant Crush”
6) “Lose Yourself to Dance”
7) “Touch”
8) “Get Lucky”
9) “Beyond”
10) “Motherboard”
11) “Fragments of Time”
12) “Doin’ It Right”
13) “Contact”

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From Bowie to Dylan…

You read Dylan on the tittle of this, and you might think I’m talking about Bob, but this time is about the little Dylan, Jacob. The frontman of The Wallflowers, and his relation with Bowie, i mean the cover they made from Heroes, the 1977 hit.
And then there is Jacob and The Wallflowers, who made it for Godzilla’s soundtrack, yeah, that awsome ’98 original plot where NY is trashed.
Well, this is about music, so let’s return to that, this is the case where I can’t decide wich one i like the most, i respect Bowie’s legend, but also i think The Wallflowers are awsome, the both versions, deliver a beautiful nostalgic sound, that make me think i should have a beer in my hands while listening to it. But i gotta say the fact that Jacob Dylan and The Wallflowers, made it for Godzilla, it definitley makes Bowie the winner (LOL).
By the way, this post not was inspired by Coca-Cola advertising, it was in fact thought after i watched “The perks of being a wallflower”, awsome movie by the way, and Emma Watson is gorgeous.

Vintage sound…

Travis, and their new song, Another Guy, from his seventh album yet to come.
When i clicked on the play button, i started listening to a 90’s REM ft. The Cure kinda thing, I mean I actually loved the song, the sound was so amazing, so nostalgic, just like they used to be. And the video for this song was recorded on a VHS camera, if you are too young to know what that is, ask your parents, and if you knew VHS, yes, you are actually old, but the efect is like we found an old travis video, never been played, an awsome idea!
By the way, if you can you must see them live, they are one of the best bands i’ve ever seen.

Time to look back…

I know, it’s been all about top of the charts lately, but i have a pretty good reason, let me tell you.
N’sync, and the new king of pop, i know it’s true, but you’ve got to respect the talent. I mean it, let’s be honest about it, JT is an excellent artist.
But the reason i share this track is easy, actually there are two reasons. First one, the beat, if you don’t enjoy the beat of this song, you have a problem!. And the second reason, is that reminds me two things, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, and the thing with Frank, i mean when you watch the video, seems like his kind of party. And Michael, well i don’t think i have to explain that one.
So i hope you understand my reasons.

PD. Next one, won’t be of the top ten of the charts, I promise hahaha

Jaime’s got a beat…

Jaime Cullum, you might think of a jazz-pop song if that is allowed, but this time the surprise is this is jazz tune, with a strong beat and some rapping, it reminds me to Asher Roth’s last album, wich i posted about early this year. I hope more jazz artists would make this crossover tunes with different generes, love the idea.

It is a great song actually, a nice fresh touch to the nice jazz cute boy image I had about him. It looks that it will be an interesting album.

For the lonley ones…

I’m not a St. Valentines day fan, but I’m pretty sure many of you do celebrate, but to be a nice grinch for this day, here comes my soundtrack for it.
For all the ladys you´ve let go, a great song for a very talented guy, who delivers a great sound, if you like old school, he is on the way to be the headmaster.
So, remember to buy flowers and hold her hand!