From Bowie to Dylan…

You read Dylan on the tittle of this, and you might think I’m talking about Bob, but this time is about the little Dylan, Jacob. The frontman of The Wallflowers, and his relation with Bowie, i mean the cover they made from Heroes, the 1977 hit.
And then there is Jacob and The Wallflowers, who made it for Godzilla’s soundtrack, yeah, that awsome ’98 original plot where NY is trashed.
Well, this is about music, so let’s return to that, this is the case where I can’t decide wich one i like the most, i respect Bowie’s legend, but also i think The Wallflowers are awsome, the both versions, deliver a beautiful nostalgic sound, that make me think i should have a beer in my hands while listening to it. But i gotta say the fact that Jacob Dylan and The Wallflowers, made it for Godzilla, it definitley makes Bowie the winner (LOL).
By the way, this post not was inspired by Coca-Cola advertising, it was in fact thought after i watched “The perks of being a wallflower”, awsome movie by the way, and Emma Watson is gorgeous.


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