Time to look back…

I know, it’s been all about top of the charts lately, but i have a pretty good reason, let me tell you.
N’sync, and the new king of pop, i know it’s true, but you’ve got to respect the talent. I mean it, let’s be honest about it, JT is an excellent artist.
But the reason i share this track is easy, actually there are two reasons. First one, the beat, if you don’t enjoy the beat of this song, you have a problem!. And the second reason, is that reminds me two things, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, and the thing with Frank, i mean when you watch the video, seems like his kind of party. And Michael, well i don’t think i have to explain that one.
So i hope you understand my reasons.

PD. Next one, won’t be of the top ten of the charts, I promise hahaha


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