Happy Birthday Kurt…

To the real Hipster, let’s all wish a Happy Birthday, I’m shure the 27 club is at a kick ass party right now.

A quote from Kurt, to remember him the right way:
“If I went to jail, at least I wouldn’t have to sign autographs.”


Time to look back…

I know, it’s been all about top of the charts lately, but i have a pretty good reason, let me tell you.
N’sync, and the new king of pop, i know it’s true, but you’ve got to respect the talent. I mean it, let’s be honest about it, JT is an excellent artist.
But the reason i share this track is easy, actually there are two reasons. First one, the beat, if you don’t enjoy the beat of this song, you have a problem!. And the second reason, is that reminds me two things, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, and the thing with Frank, i mean when you watch the video, seems like his kind of party. And Michael, well i don’t think i have to explain that one.
So i hope you understand my reasons.

PD. Next one, won’t be of the top ten of the charts, I promise hahaha

Jaime’s got a beat…

Jaime Cullum, you might think of a jazz-pop song if that is allowed, but this time the surprise is this is jazz tune, with a strong beat and some rapping, it reminds me to Asher Roth’s last album, wich i posted about early this year. I hope more jazz artists would make this crossover tunes with different generes, love the idea.

It is a great song actually, a nice fresh touch to the nice jazz cute boy image I had about him. It looks that it will be an interesting album.

For the lonley ones…

I’m not a St. Valentines day fan, but I’m pretty sure many of you do celebrate, but to be a nice grinch for this day, here comes my soundtrack for it.
For all the ladys you´ve let go, a great song for a very talented guy, who delivers a great sound, if you like old school, he is on the way to be the headmaster.
So, remember to buy flowers and hold her hand!

Sounds like parachutes…

A total Brit Pop classic, i found it on my old iPod the other night, and remind me how good were those days, where Coldplay was the leader of a bunch of an awsome pack of british bands, like Keane, Athlete, Starsailor, Manic Street Preachers, even Stereophonics, and Travis go well with this guys for a playlist.

This song, actually written by Chris Martin, he gave it to Danny McNamara and the Embrace guys, because he thought it sounded better in Danny’s voice, they met in college and were good friends. But this is not the only one from Embrace, you should check more of their work, they are great.


The X factor…

Pop, cheesy, mainstream, all this words are true for this post. But let’s be honest, is a really funny and good song, from a talented young mate. Maybe is the song you can sing to the lucky lady, or dude, for Valentine’s day.
I own the two albums from Olly Murs, and I know it’s all about pop on this one, but is the good kind, the one well produced, with quality, nice lyrics, it makes you dance right away. And if you don’t know it let me introduce it to you, check it out, maybe it will become your guilty pleasure if you don’t are a pop person. In my case i’m a big fan, I really enjoy his music.

Quality first…

Andrew Bird. You can say that you don’t like his music, but you can’t say he is a bad musician, it is extraordinary when you think of the people on top of the charts, but this is what all is about, quality, do what you like and do it good, i guess.
He has a unique sound, I love the way it sound so real, no need to make it digital, sounds perfect for a sunset with a nice cold ale beer.