Better than ever…

Let’s take a look at one of the great comebacks of the year, The Stereophonics, the whisky sounded voice of Kelly Jones is back.
I’ve honestly been waiting this one for too long, when i was growing up, this guys were the ones i’ve always had on my iPod, even before, on my mini-disc player, i know it’s been a while.
Well, if you see this video, Indian Summer, you can see they are not some young mates anymore, and their sound is more mature as well, great rhythm, some evolution you can hear there, mostly on the melody. But there is the same nostalgic sound, the one that you hear on a rainy day, the best one, with great lyrics. Seems like they’re back for good, and i’m glad, love the old sound, and the new one as well, also the new drummer Jaime Morrison delivers an excellent vibe for the band too.
And to be honest the video is a great love story, for a moment i thought i was watching a Taylor Swift video… Can’t wait for the full album, called Graffiti on the Train to be realesed in March 4th.


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