Night Visions – Imagine Dragons

imagine_dragons   This one, let’s start on how i discovered the Imagine Dragons, just like everybody else i guess, and it was when i saw the “Perks of being a wallflower” trailer, a movie with Emma Watson. It was the song that stands out in the trailer, ” It’s time “. And then was a little quest for knowing the name of the song.

And finallly was found, and let me say that it was a really nice surprise to discover this guys, with a different and fresh sound, the kind of album that you can listen for the first time and you realize it’s not only a few songs that you like, you don’t skip any of it.

There’s two songs that can’t be ignored in this one, obviously one is the one i mentioned above: “It’s time”, with a kinda folk beat, and the contagious rhythm that your knee will bounce to. And the other one i would like to mention is “On top of the world”, such a happy catchy tune with some clapping beat and a ready to whistle bridge.

I´m sure you will enjoy this one as much as i do.


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