Better than ever…

Let’s take a look at one of the great comebacks of the year, The Stereophonics, the whisky sounded voice of Kelly Jones is back.
I’ve honestly been waiting this one for too long, when i was growing up, this guys were the ones i’ve always had on my iPod, even before, on my mini-disc player, i know it’s been a while.
Well, if you see this video, Indian Summer, you can see they are not some young mates anymore, and their sound is more mature as well, great rhythm, some evolution you can hear there, mostly on the melody. But there is the same nostalgic sound, the one that you hear on a rainy day, the best one, with great lyrics. Seems like they’re back for good, and i’m glad, love the old sound, and the new one as well, also the new drummer Jaime Morrison delivers an excellent vibe for the band too.
And to be honest the video is a great love story, for a moment i thought i was watching a Taylor Swift video… Can’t wait for the full album, called Graffiti on the Train to be realesed in March 4th.


twenty | one | pilots: Guns For Hands

Another great one from Fueled by Ramen, a great laber i must say.
This time is a hard one to describe, it starts like an catchy rock song, with great drumms i must say, and then it goes up and up and whenn you think it as a good song, it explodes into an awsome epic song, especially the part when it became a whole new song with reggae beat.
I ran into this video by accident in youtube, and now i have the two albums of this band, I must say i’m on my way to become a groopie (LOL).

Graduated from college.

  Here I’m talking about Asher Roth, famous for the song “I love College”, kinda one hit wonder but let me tell you bout his second album, to me this one is a serious thing, “Pabst & Jazz” is called, two thing hardly seen together, it sounds like a rap improvAsher-Roth-Pabst-And-Jazz, but with a jazz band istead of the Dj.

  Honestly is one of the best ideas ever, i mean you can realy enjoy the jazz in the whole album, and suddenly the strenght of the rhymes and a excellent rap comes in, if you like rap is a hell of an album, if you do not like it, please give it a chance for this album.

Whoever think of Asher as a new Slim Shady, let me say this guy is at another level, not going for the same road, and i’m glad, is just one excellent album, like the 16th track: “Dope Shit”.

My favorite track is number 13: “Not meant 2 be” ft. Nathan Santos, if you liked Frank Ocean and his Channel Orange, definitley you’ll enjoy this one.

Happy Birthday Mr. Page

This time is one special post, to celebrate the birthday of one of the best guitar players ever. Mr Jimmy Page turns 69 today, so i think it would be nice to see why he is a rock legend.

First, one video of him in “It Might Get Lord”, a film where he, The Edge and Jack White have an awsome oportunity to talk about their work.

And another one from the Led Zeppelin famous film “The song remains the same”, to see him back in the days when John Bonham was alive and Robert Plant had his original voice.

For the end, let’s see him in the 2007 reunion for the Celebration Day concert at O2 arena.

Son of Rougues Gallery

  Here you have the Jack Sparrow Band, or at least this it what it looks like. We are talking about the new Johnny Depp project, an album full of incredible colaborations with some legendary artists like: Keith Richards, Tom Waits, Courtney Love, Michael Stipe, Patti Smith, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, Michael Gira, Antony Hegarty and Shane McGowan.
It’s all about pirates, in fact the album is called: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys. Seems like somebody has been drinking a lot of rum lately.
This one is called “Leaving of Liverpool”, a colaboration with Johnny Depp, Shane McGowan and Gore Verbinsky.
The album will be released on February 19 and I can’t wait to hear it.

Born and Raised – John Mayer

  Ok, first thing, I know it’s not a new album but a John Mayer album is always a thing to write about, especially this one.

Let me start saying that I think that John Mayer is one of the best musicians of our generation, and if you don’t belive me just go ahead and listen to his 2006 masterpiece, Continuum, one of my favorites albums ever, and if still you don’t think so, go and watch his live dvd from LA, I promise it will change your mind about him.b1 [Converted]

And all that groupie speech was because he dissapointed me on this one ( awww… I know, so cheesy). Let me explain, it is not a bad album at all, in fact it is a great one, excellent songs, the sound of his guitar is one of a kind. The thing is i think is a little bit of a “lazy album”, because I know he can easily blow our mind just with an improvised guitar solo. And in this one, you can tell is full of a nostalgic sound, an excellent road trip album, i can imagine driving, listening to this on a quiet and lonely road.

It’s like a blues, sometimes folk album. You can tell he is a hell of a songwriter, lyrics are kinda personal, maybe is an album for himself, but honestly i was expecting a Continuum part II, maybe that was my mistake, still i think is an excellent album, and if you listen to it next to a glass full of ice and bourbon I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Song of the album, Something like Olivia, I’m sure he was thinking in Olivia Wilde, but the last name was hard to rhyme. And for the record, “Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey” is another great one.

Night Visions – Imagine Dragons

imagine_dragons   This one, let’s start on how i discovered the Imagine Dragons, just like everybody else i guess, and it was when i saw the “Perks of being a wallflower” trailer, a movie with Emma Watson. It was the song that stands out in the trailer, ” It’s time “. And then was a little quest for knowing the name of the song.

And finallly was found, and let me say that it was a really nice surprise to discover this guys, with a different and fresh sound, the kind of album that you can listen for the first time and you realize it’s not only a few songs that you like, you don’t skip any of it.

There’s two songs that can’t be ignored in this one, obviously one is the one i mentioned above: “It’s time”, with a kinda folk beat, and the contagious rhythm that your knee will bounce to. And the other one i would like to mention is “On top of the world”, such a happy catchy tune with some clapping beat and a ready to whistle bridge.

I´m sure you will enjoy this one as much as i do.