Crossover genius

Asher Roth, who started as a young white college rapper, is back, and he surprised the hell out of me, years ago, one of the firsts posts of this blog was about his ‘Pabst & Jazz’ album, an excellent crossover between rap and jazz, i know, sounds odd. If you haven’t listened to it, you should. Now 2014 is back with ‘RetroHash’, this time goes all the way down to funky road, melodic songs with a great 70’s disco flavor. It feels right to insert a rap into an Earth Wind & Fire’s song, don’t you think?

It is clear he es more than a rapper, so I think we should keep an eye  on him…


12 years of non slavery.

Now is all about nostalgia, producers are fighting to get that retro sound we could think came on a DeLorean, and I guess it is normal, we were on the edge of listening to songs created by automatic software, like a music business’ skynet.
So here’s where The Black Keys came, seven albums later, Turn Blue, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, delivers an authentic blues-rock work, like every single one of the records were their first one, never took that road to big studios, elaborate productions, guess they never met TImbaland. And 12 years later they are still making me enjoy every single riff, beat and solo.
So go ahead, tell your old man there’s a modern rock band they’ll love. I did, and my dad loves The Black Keys.

Album goes on May 13th, so go ahead and buy it, grab some beers and listen to it with your old man!!

l don’t think so …

Thls is a funny one, because i was one of those guys who always ran away from bands like Fallout boy, and a very good friend of mine came the other day with the Save Rock and Roll album and told me to listen to It, that was like four months ago and I said: “yeah sure…”. Yesterday, while I was going to grab a lunch with him, he plugged his ipod and played “Alone together”. I freaking enjoyed it! I was surprised about it, so I downloaded the entire aIbum and I can tell you is not bad at at all, you should give it a try, you’ll thank me later. l think is like 7. 5 out of 10 .
I am listening to it while I enjoy a delicious green tea in the morning, but l think is a great one to hit the road.

Bald Mariachi

In a time where all we got is “trendy pop” ft. Pitbull everywhere, we should remember that guys like Moby are in fact still out there doing magnificent stuff, and let’s be honest, you can’t get any better that a Mariachi!

Feels amazing to listen his album, Innocents, makes me believe in humanity again.

On the Edge

I was 15, heard U2 was coming to town, went nuts and made a 8 hour line to get tickets. Was my first conscious concert, because my parents took me to the Michael Jackson’s Dangerous tour when I was 4, i don’t remember much of it. I was a huge fan of U2 since i remember, and so was one of the best days of my life, the Vertigo Tour, just epic. If you ask me for a top 10 favorite musicians, definitely U2 is in my top 3, so the next words are not easy for me to write.
And now, almost ten years later, they came with great news, a new free song for charity, i was excited, waited to just in time click the download button on iTunes, felt right, good and helpful to finally hear that song. Finally pressed play and 3:17 minutes later, i was confused.
It’s obvious a good song, well produced, excellent executed. But it is not as powerful as you could expect after such a long absence. Maybe is the kind of song that you got to keep listening to finally fell in love with.
It’s like waking up on Christmas, run to seek for your presents and when you finally destroy the wrapping, you realize is a new sweater.

Son of a beach…

It’s been a long time since i posted something, but i wanted to come back with this beautiful track from a german dj. Perfect beach music, like the tittle of this post, it’s actually the album’s name, Son of a Beach, by Sunlounger.
The man behind this project is RogerShah, a cool guy who likes to lay on the sand with a umbrella cocktail, there’s nothing that sounds so nice for a mediterranean evening.
So enjoy, relax, and get ready for 2014!!

Lil’ Sister

Solange Knowles, with an amazing  modern Mariah sound, her EP, is my proud discovery of the week. Relaxed sound, great beats, lovely voice, I love to listen her while i’m stuck in the traffic. Great way of go away from the shadow of Beyonce, even when you can hear in her voice her last name.

The new generation

How many of us had seen the classic finale of the great british festivals, with McCartney singing Hey Jude along with a bunch of other legends, it’s almost a cliche. Don’t missunderstand me, it’s probably one of the greatest things to experience on a lifetime, and probably we all love that “na na, na na na na…”, it’s the legacy of the 20th century.

But this year, in the Glastonbuty’s finale, we experience the new generation of the british rock elite in a epic performance. Mumford & Sons, who were the ones that had the honour to close the festival, along with  The Vaccines, The Staves, First Aid Kit, Vampire Weekend, and also with a mention to The Arctic Monkeys. It gaves us an idea of who are the ones in charge on the scene over there.

And it had to be with the perfect song for a meeting like that, Help From my Friends, from The Beatles. I have to say this is the only song of the Beatles, that someone did a cover, and was better than the Lennon/McCartney version, and the responsable for that incredible work, was Joe Cocker, you might remember the song from the TV series “The Wonder Years”.

Creepy Karaoke…

Wtf with this freaky karaoke lyric video, it’s way to creepy!!
But if you close you eyes, and just listen, it’s a lovely song to dedicate to a crazy ex girfriend. At least this is what i get from the lyrics, it’s late and maybe i missed al the romantic lines.
John Mayer does not get tired of delivering awsome guitar sounds, it’s incredible how he went from being the other guy like Jason Mraz in the beggining of his career, to be one of the greatest musicians of our generations.
He says he’s back, and i’m glad, and can’t wait to hear the new stuff.

They’re back!!

Great news today.

First, the new song of one of my favotite bands in the world. The Arctic Monkeys are back with a great rock ballad called: “Do I Wanna Know?”. It’s far from that young noisy mates who gave us dancing shoes, but you can tell they have grown up, and became a great rock band, it’s a solid, strong song with the hability to make you sing alog while your feet follows the beat. Still got that retro feeling, like they were born 20 years late, and Alex Turner sound more rockstar than ever. I love this new song, but still want to hear them go back to where it al started, that messy indie sound. Can’t wait to see them performing live again!!

Seems like the dancing shoes will never go away.